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Welcome to The Lightning Division

Gabriel Saucedo Portfolio (And More)

Hello, and welcome to my website. A place that I made so that all my work, along with information about myself, can be in an accessible place. Once you continue onward you'll find a description of myself and some of the work that I've done: along with other such goodies you may find interesting.

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Who Is Gabriel Saucedo?

"Life is too boring without music." -Gabriel Saucedo

Hello, my name is Gabriel Saucedo. I'm a composer from Florida, who has been playing music for about 8 years now. Yet, I've been seriously composing since 2018. Since that time I've learned much about the industry as a whole and more than just composing. Everything that you see such as my logo, musical compositions, management has all been done by me. Everything that I have learned and accomplished is all been self-taught with the internet as a very big tool in my learning.

When it comes to music, and the arts in general, I have a very wide range of expression. One of the things that I've kept since being little is not having a limited taste for creativity. I've made most genres ranging from EDM, Orchestral, Trap, R&B, Future Funk, Funk, Hip Hop, Metal, Bossa Nova, Samba, and Rock. If I need to write in a new genre of music that I've never written in before I will study and learn how to write in that genre. 

One of the composers I hold on near and dear to my heart is Keiki Kobayashi. He has a quote that I read and just can't help, but try and live up to are, "Music has power that can change something in people and the world." KEIKI KOBAYASHI, these words are ones that I strongly agree with. 

If you're wondering, yes, I can play instruments as well. The main instruments that I play are guitar, piano, drums, flute, and percussion. I have a collection of instruments in my studio and even more at my disposal in my sample libraries. My sample libraries range from Orchestral, Jazz Big Band Horns, Drums, to Ethic Vocals and Instruments. Maybe one day I'll make a detailed list of all my gear.

(By the way, there is more to myself, but I'm trying to keep this quick in order for you to not read so much. But, there more than likely will be a full biography about myself somewhere later down the road.)

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Musical Works

A Taste of Some of My Works

This is a section of my website where I describe some of the pieces and works that I've done. Some of my pieces go more into emotion, but others are more about technical/musical accomplishment. Whatever the work may be, all of the pieces are a part of me.

(Let's take a look and see what we find)

What The World Has Come To


This was an album I wrote during covid. I wanted to reflect on the world at his point in time. Seeing how people were acting and seeing how from all the chaos we went through, we became stronger. The album is a story with a beginning, middle, and end. of course, I wish that I could rewrite a lot of things in this album, but if I had kept adding more things or kept changing things, the more I wouldn't have released it. As a composer, I feel like this album is something that was a big step in my artistry. As artists, taking on a big project of great scale helps us move forward and grow.

What The World Has Come To.jpg

Ario's Cannon


This is a piece that I wrote with inspiration from a popular video game. In this game, there is an area that is covered in snow and ice. This piece is a reflection of that sound and landscape. After, playing the game and hearing the music I felt inspired to write something colder sounding. I feel that I accomplished this goal, but of course there is always more that we can do to become better.

Ario's Canon Cover Art.png



This piece was an extension of my abilities. At the start, the piece goes into an orchestral build-up into a funk. After a while, in the funk section, the music completely changes into Samba. This piece was a great and different piece that I wrote at the time. Now if I was writing this I would probably have gone more crazy with the instruments and more genre switching.

Funktober Cover art.jpg
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Composition Commissions

Want to help me by making you music?

You can commission me to write a piece for you. It can have a theme of any kind to it, it can also be dedicated to someone you love or anything really. This is just a simple way that you can help support me and the work that I do. 

Payment will be discussed privately, but for you to get an idea of what I charge here's an example; a composition about love that is 1 minute long and is a solo piano with a flute, that would cost around $10-15.

Composing Music
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Contact Me

If you would like to contact me for commissioning or to ask for my help with some of your own work, or even just for advice about working in the industry. Feel free to send me an email. I'm always prepared to help you in any way I can. And if you would like to collab with me just ask as well.

Donation Link

Also, if you'd like to help me out, this is the button to donate money to me. Doesn't have to be a lot, any little bit helps.

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