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Hello, and welcome (again), this is a page where almost all of my pieces will be here for you to listen to. (For Free) Mainly, because I needed a place where I could show off the works that I have, and explain my side of the story for the pieces.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy all the work I have composed.

More Time Has PassedGabriel Saucedo
00:00 / 01:58

     This track was composed on the last day of 2021. I wanted to make something that would represent how it felt to leave behind another year. For myself, when another year passes I feel a sense of excitement and relief, knowing that there's now more to look forward to. 

      I choose a solo piano for this track for a few reasons. One, because it's a way to convey more emotion within a piece. Two, because solo piano makes things clearer in terms of harmony and melody. Three, because it's easy to write. :)

A Human's JourneyGabriel Saucedo
00:00 / 09:54

      This track was a made for submission to Berklee College of Music. As the name entails, I wanted the listener to have the experience of what humans go through, throughout their lives.

       Was this the best I could do for a piece this big? No, very no, because every single artistic creator will agree on this, to some extent, that their works are never fully finished, they are just released. That's the same concept with this piece.

The Abandon TownGabriel Saucedo
00:00 / 02:27

      There isn't too much I would like to say about this track. But the obvious it that this a very dark sounding track. I was trying to make the listener feel a sense of dark mystery and/or fantasy with this track. Probably worked out pretty well.

NI Cover Art Final 2.png
Nocturne, Op.1: IntrospectionGabriel Saucedo
00:00 / 04:17

      This is a solo piano work, with very dark harmony in certain moments, then dramatical shifts to happier moments but back to solemn moments. This piece was written with the intention of helping me realize my inner self, and help with others' own introspection. I hope you find solemnity in this piece.

Demos Tracks

Well, this is a demo for a very big project that I'm doing, which is in fact a metal album. This track and the below are demos that I have already come up with. They are mainly to just flesh out an idea and test to see how it sounds compared to what was in my head. 

This very track is heavily inspired by the band Tool. Which I love for many reasons, but mainly for the rhythmic inventiveness in their tracks.

Demo Metal Track
00:00 / 01:37

This track is inspired by one of my all-time favorite bands, Gojira. They are the best in every single department, in my opinion. Their tones, songs, riffs, tight playing, sonic landscapes are all just amazing. I heavily own my huge love of metal, and not to mention musical improvement, to them. 

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