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30-Day November Challenge

Hello everyone, this is a page dedicated to the 30-day November Music Challenge that I did. This is where you are going to find a very lengthy document about everything about the challenge as well as the place to buy the sheet music once I finish making that.

Listen Here

Here's the album on Spotify.

It's also available on other streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Youtube Music, Deezer, etc.

The Document

Here's the 13-page document that I wrote detailing many different things about this challenge, and all of the things that I face, overcome, and learned from this challenge. Honestly, wanted to make the document longer, but tried to keep it as short as possible without losing everything that I wanted to talk about. Once you click the button it'll download it to your computer, and the view button is just to view it without downloading it.

Sheet Music

Sheet music is still being engraved, and worked on at this moment in time. Once it's added, I'll make an announcement on social media.

Thank you for your patience!

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