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(Well, where should I start? How about at the beginning?)

      In the beginning, there was nothing, and then suddenly, BOOM! I was born into this world. (Well there's more to it than that, but let's keep this moving.) Born, and raised, in the United States, Florida, and have stayed here for my whole life. I was raised by very loving parents, whom I owe everything I have and have yet to accomplish to them; they helped me kick start my passion for music by being very supportive. Of course, we both have different tastes in music, but that doesn't stop me from loving them and thanking them for what they have done for me. ( I could assume that if my mom read this she'd say something like, "You're sugarcoating a lot of things here.", but that's how she is, haha)


      My parents have done a lot for me, and of course, I know that many people didn't have the opportunity that I did: the opportunity of having parents who are supportive of their dreams and goals. My parents taught me that I should always work for my things, and to take responsibility. (And as you can see, I'm taking responsibility by managing my own musical journey.) My mother, a woman who is very present and diligent, struggled much in her early life, and underwent through much hardship just to give her three kids, me being the youngest, a good life. My father, a man who is tough of skin and hard-working, has spent countless hours helping me and giving me the money and resources to get myself into music. Again, I owe everything of, not only my life but, my musical career and journey to them. I will forever be in my parents' debt. ( I love you both mom and dad, never forget that.)

(All right, what comes next? Well, I could go into my early life and how this whole love of music came to be, so let's do that.)

     My mother, tells me stories about how she would play classical and rock music when I was in her belly and when I was young. This is probably what first started this deep-rooted passion for music, but let's keep looking onward. While in grade school I always liked listening to music, didn't really matter what the genre was, I just always enjoyed listening to something. Whether it came from a car radio, or from a small tablet given to me as a Christmas gift, I always loved listening to music no matter where I was. While in grade school we were forced to take a music class, and of course, I didn't like the class all that much. Since we were forced to listen to, and write about, things that we didn't have that big of an interest in, it made it so that no one really took that class seriously. Kids would often talk through the whole class, some kids even went as far as to stand on top of the tables when the teacher wasn't looking, because they didn't care and were bored. I wouldn't say the grade school I went was bad, in fact, nothing about the area in which I have lived is bad. It's a pretty peaceful area for the most part, but there are always those kids in school. Anyway, my interest in music stayed to just listening for a while, until one day my teacher told me that we had to write a paper on a classical composer. Well, I thought to myself this would be some boring assignment that I would just have to pass on in order to get a good grade, but then I choose Ludwig Van Beethoven. Now, I don't know what it is, but ever since I was a little kid, I've always loved Beethoven's works, so when I got the chance to research him (just using Wikipedia basically) I loved every moment of it. I had such a profound interest in the fact that by his 9th Symphony he couldn't hear at all except for just the lowest of the notes on the bass. This one assignment, which I did in third grade helped propel me into my enjoyment of music even more. My dad had bought me this cheap First Act Guitar, which I still have, and this cheap and old Casio Keyboard, which is now owned by one of my friends. I would mess around with them often and I loved both, however, the guitar I gave up on because it hurt to play. (Pretty typical excuse) I wouldn't return to the guitar until much later in my life. But, the Casio Keyboard really helped me enjoy music, because it had a list of around 150 tunes (if I remember correctly) of different classical pieces and hymns. I loved a lot of the tunes cause they were just very beautiful and well written, of course, I didn't know that at the time. But, then middle school came about. This was a different challenge, cause they offered something called a band class. Now, in my little head at the time I was excited cause I thought they meant rock band or something along those lines, but would you believe how weird it felt when I went to middle and went to band and saw a ton of orchestral instruments. I sat down in a random chair and then the teacher introduced himself, Steve Kirkland. ( I will now be referring him to Mr.Kirkland, cause he is still a mentor to whom I own much of my music skills to.) Mr.Kirkland, a jazz saxophonist, was a very expressive person, he would talk about how a lot of different things in his class, and even sometimes go on whole class rants about something. ( those were the best) 

   Let's get into the thick of it, Mr.Kirkland had a long-standing record in his middle school, for being the band that everyone was scared to go up against. He was a very passionate individual, one that would always want the very best from his students. So, on the first day of this band class he introduced us to himself and the program, the next few classes he introduced us to all of the instruments of the orchestra (well, concert band since we didn't have strings). And, something struck a chord in me, I don't know what it was, but when I first heard the sound of it, I fell in love. The feeling and expression behind the notes, the way it was able to move and articulate every note was incredible. I fell in love with the flute, a woodwind instrument, the highest member of the orchestra. I told Mr.K (another nickname we used to refer to him) that I wanted to play that instrument and he sat me upfront with the other people who choose flute, which would happen that those people would go on to be my friends. He took out a Head Joint and had each one of us try and play it, and it came to be my turn. The second I put the Head Joint on my chin and made a sound, I made a note, which surprised him. As the story goes, I started playing flute and within a week I got the incredibly beautiful tone that I have now. Within the same week, Mr.K asked me if I already knew what vibrato was, I looked at him confused and said, "what?" and he told me just play a note and hold it out, and funny enough there was indeed vibrato in my note. To be fully honest, I don't know what I did or how I got the sound I did, many people have told me, including Mr.K and others, that some people are just built naturally for certain instruments. Others would consistently ask me how I got the sound I did, what they need to do to get that sound, but I couldn't answer them. This is something I can now say with confidence, many people didn't like me in my middle school program. They would all call me a showoff or an asshole for showing them how to play their own instrument like me, but that wasn't my fault. I didn't know what I was doing, I was just going by what I always did, which was just messing around with things until something worked. Something that became clear to me later on in life, which I will talk about more later, is that you don't get better at music by reading books, watching someone else, but by doing. You have to do it in order to become better at it, this was something that people didn't and still don't fully understand when it comes to music. Well, besides that my middle school life and first band interaction was great, of course, there are always people who are annoying cause they don't take the program seriously or are just someone who just doesn't care, but this is to be found everywhere. I progressed through my middle school life for 3 years and then came to the newest challenge of them all, high school.

   Now, high school is a different place, mainly because this was the first time I was in a classroom where I was around people better than me musically. Plus, I was fresh out of middle school so that meant I was immature and had to grow up fast. I joined the marching band and I didn't know how much this would impact my life until I did it. We started marching band practice in the middle of summer and I didn't fully meet my new band director until the beginning of the new school year. Marching band at first was very taxing, but I quickly came to enjoy it. I found solace in performing under the blazing heat of the sun, and doing exercise while playing and getting better at my instrument. Now, I'll be honest, I didn't practice my instrument during the summer vacation I had until those marching practices came to light. Marching band helped me meet new people, more friends, and some interesting characters to say the least, and I was enjoying myself. I had to find a balance between marching band and school, which to me wasn't that hard, and everything was pretty smooth. Mainly cause I don't want to go too much into detail about this time once I'm fully out of it. 

    So, who was my new band director? Well, his name is Dr.Sam Lussier, a jazz Trumpet/Piano player and a proud Canadian who came down to Florida because of music school and stayed because of his wife, he is a renaissance man (at least that's what he calls himself) and is a very down to earth person, who like Mr.K, is incredibly passionate about music. If you would ask him how much I have bugged him with questions, he'd probably say something along the lines of, "That kid never seems to run out of questions, and he could probably write a book about everything he's asked me." That's true, for some reason I never seem to run out of burning questions for him. It's probably because once I got comfortable with him as a band director I felt that he would be a great mentor, so I started to ask all my questions and give him some of my work so that he could see and give me advice about my work. Dr.L has, time and time, again helped me out, not only by giving advice but, by giving valuable life lessons that I can take with me anywhere, no matter what. For this, and not only this, I owe a great deal to him as well. 

   Around one year ago, I decided to myself that for my birthday that I should buy myself an electric guitar to just give it a shot again. I debated to myself many times, whether I should spend the money to get an instrument I had given up on, but finally, I came to my decision. In June of 2020, I had gotten myself a cheap electric guitar set from Amazon, and I will say that guitar held its own very well (I still own it in fact). Then, after learning guitar using Rocksmith 2014, I told myself, "I should get a better guitar, cause something tells me that I'm going to be playing it a lot this year." That I did, this lead me to become the guitarist I am today; now I'm not that good of a guitarist, but I'd say I've done a pretty ok job for just a year and a couple of months. 

   Currently, this journey of music has just started, but at this point, I am finding myself mentally, physically, musically, and more. My journey has just begone and I can't wait to see where it takes me. 

(Well, so far that's the story of the man named, Gabriel Saucedo. Let's see where this journey keeps taking me. This bio section will be updated every now and then when something big happens in my life, or if I just let time pass and need to update this.)

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